How I Fight Acne in a World Inundated with Pressure to Look Perfect (even on the days it seems hopeless)

Oh the skin battle…or should I say war.

It’s a harsh reality that many of my friends, co-workers, family members, and countless online self-diagnosing peers have faced.

Those of us who have struggled with it know it’s a long, painful, and sometimes never-ending journey filled with a lot of tears, shame, and loads of wasted money.

Whether you’ve only had one zit your whole life or cystic acne that last for years, most of the time it sets off bombs of insecurity and self-consciousness. As acne is not biased to age or gender – sometimes genetic and other times stress or diet–induced – it can come and go with no warning. The daily physical battles against acne leave so many wounded people, in the trenches, with no answers.

This is my story…

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