Speaking Some Truth

Here it goes…


I can still serve the Kingdom of God with blemishes and acne scars.

I will love and honor and speak to others when I hate my outfit, or its uncomfortable, or its not as cute, sophisticated, stylish, or as form fitting as the others in the room.

I will smile and look others in the eyes even when I’m sure they see my faults and imperfections.

I will always laugh, joke, and be my silliest even if the people in the room are critical.

I will let me yes be yes, my no be no, and my decisions be grounded and set in stone, because you have put a decisive spirit within me, and you have replaced my foolishness with a sound mind.

I will speak with boldness, conviction, gentleness, purity, clarity, and confidence because you give me the words to say and the courage to speak life into any and all atmospheres I enter.

I will hope for the unseen because you have already won the victory.

I will see my dreams come to pass, because I will not limit myself to insecurities.

I will not settle for less than your best, because you know the plans you have for me, and they are good plans- plans of prosperity and growth.

I will celebrate what Christ has done for me by telling everyone I know, at any chance I get, about His goodness, graciousness, and faithfulness in my life and in the lives of people I know.

I will dream and never stop dreaming, because he gives and takes away.

I will love and honor my husband by being a woman of integrity, humility, and wisdom. I will continue to sacrifice my ashes for beauty, so that he will have a bride easy to love that helps him fall more in love with our Savior with each new day.

I will treat all men with equality, respect, and purity, as if they were innocent children of God, because He created His church to be a beacon of hope and holiness.

I will place worry at the altar, and let it burn to smoke, because it has no place in my life- Christ died for my freedom not my enslavement.

I will never back down from receiving God’s grace, because I know I’m in need of a savior.

I will always seek peace, because I know peace means my heavenly Father is pleased and honored.

And lastly, I will hope for the day I see my Savior face-to-face, because I know his love cast out all fear.


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