Creative Arts Project

This is my creative art project for my innovation and social media class. I spent a lot of time on it, and I am pretty proud of it! I was really excited that I got to use my painting abilities for my social media class, and it seemed to flow pretty well with the topic of applying our interest to social media.

I have recently been very interested in how to sell my art, and social media has brought a whole new perspective to how I go about selling my art. I have found Facebook has been the most efficient way to go about networking and gaining interests around my art.

One of the most exciting parts about social media and my art is all the feedback I receive when I post my newest painting. It is really inspiring to read all my friends and family’s comments and “likes.”

This video shows the process of selling a painting via twitter and Facebook. It is obviously a “mock” version, but I can testify that social media really does help sell art online.


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